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    Meet David Adlard

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    • Testimonial

      Over the last several years I have worked with David in various capacities. To summarize, he is nothing short of stellar. He has a capacity to bring out the best in those he associates with. He is not only a strong leader but also possesses the uncanny ability to listen, observe, process, and solve. I believe him to not only be a master in the art of sales and marketing but a guy that can and does help those he surrounds himself with take their lives to the next level. I highly encourage those that get the chance to work with him to do whatever it takes to do so.

      Greg M

    • Testimonial

      David Adlard has worked with me a few times over the years. He is very conscientious, productive, supportive and highly motivated. He is impressive in many ways! He is the ultimate team builder and player and is always willing to go the extra mile to help a company or individual grow and prosper. If you can get him I know he would be a huge asset to any organization or individual.

      Ron M

    • Testimonial

      It was an absolute pleasure to work with David. His genuine interest in others and his passion for his business shines through within seconds of speaking with him. Through our conversations, it is evident that David truly seeks to understand his clients and help them realize their goals. David’s honesty and ability to communicate directly about setting attainable goals and breaking down processes instilled great confidence in me to pursue a new career. I definitely have David to thank for helping me begin my journey to my dream job.

      Melissa L

    • Testimonial

      David has the ability to help me, and his clients, see and understand the path to greater possibilities and success. His genuine interest in others is plain. His experience allows him to guide clients to an enhanced awareness of their potential and to help them clarify direction, understand workable path, and to achieve more. Together, his experience, skills, and character make him a truly superlative coach, consultant, and leader.

      Smith S

    • Testimonial

      David excels in first understanding the people he works with and then clearly articulating a plan that helps them get where they want to go. He is an excellent communicator providing the right insights at exactly the right time in a way that’s clearly understood and actionable. I highly recommend David as an outstanding communicator and coach.

      Del S

    • Testimonial

      I have personally worked with many marketing experts over the past several years and David stands head and shoulders above most of them, not only by demonstrating initiative, intelligence, and creativity but also in his ability to function as a leader. I have observed David’s involvement in a variety of different projects and, as far as I can say, he is deeply committed to his art of Marketing and Branding. David is an excellent manager of resources and connections, and he is particularly adept at solving problems. His attention to detail is especially valued when coordinating complex projects with high-level executives. David Adlard figures out how to get things done, he is very detailed oriented with great follow up skills. I would recommend him to anyone.

      Mark B

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    So welcome to the initial launch of the David Adlard blog. I appreciate all of you being here.  It’s been almost two years in the making. I took my old website down a little over two years ago and as I’ve contemplated putting it back up, I’ve had a mixture of thoughts of the direction […]


    One of my favorite parts of what I do is sharing my knowledge with audiences in various venues, from conferences to civic organizations, to universities, to corporate meetings and summits...